Many of the key scenes in David McGlynn’s striking new memoir, A Door in the Ocean, take place at the beach or in swimming pools…Ocean swimming, in particular, transports McGlynn to another realm, and he does a terrific job of dramatizing the allure of solitary swims in open water…McGlynn’s writing, particularly about his long stint in the ranks of Christian fundamentalists, is alive with an insider’s knowledge of the power and comforts — and, yes, sometimes delusions — offered by collective radical belief. In a larger sense, this is a compelling coming-of-age story, one marked by random tragedy and biblical tracts, bad church coffee and chlorine.
— Maureen Corrigan, NPR
McGlynn is an astute observer of relationships, and proffers insightful commentary on the power of memory to simultaneously burden and enrich the present. Beyond that, the sheer ease of his prose and the honesty of his journey are enough to keep readers moved and moving.
— Publishers Weekly
The death of his friend is actually only the introduction of this big-hearted memoir, but it establishes two key elements that are crucial: McGlynn’s experience as a swimmer and an evangelical Christian. He writes eloquently about both, and offers keen insight into the worlds of each….What makes it a winner is its language and beauty.
— The Dallas Morning News
McGlynn’s heartfelt memoir…originally began as a series of essays; now strung together, the chapters trace the continuing evolution of the author’s hard-won faith, his realization that it wasn’t “a kind of insurance policy against misfortune.” In the process, he finally recovers that once-hopeful, brave kid, now grown up and back on the swim team, having found his door in the ocean and come safely out the other side.
— Atlanta Journal Constitution


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